Innovative Renal Care Meet the visionaries behind Innovative Renal Care. They founded IRC to bring new solutions to a stagnant industry that demanded disruption.  Together they have paved a new way to treat and manage patients with kidney disease.  

We believe great leadership – quality leadership – is servant leadership. What sets servant leaders apart is that they put the well-being, growth, and success of those they lead and manage before their own personal ambitions. They see their success as measured by others successes, and thus have a greater incentive to lead by example and invest in the growth of their team. 

Why our leaders chose Innovative Renal Care


"Last month I posted that we were ranked 3rd out of 240 clinics for patient outcomes and the first thing one of my technicians thought was, "How do we get to #1?"  Our staff wants to see us and the patients succeed.  Its a shared mentality."

Eric Loy, Clinical Manager
"The supportive nature and work-life balance we have makes it possible for me to spend time with my family." Ashley Turczak, Director of Accounts Receivable
"I'm at a place where I feel valued, which is my #1 priority for job satisfaction.  I feel ARA/IRC has given me the necessary tools to provide the quality service that we expect from a healthcare provider." Alex Pedroza, Facility Technical Manager
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